Blackberry & Bay Fragrance

Blackberry & Bay Fragrance

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Design by Helm London.

Balancing fruity aromas with the earthiness of outdoors; this Blackberry & Bay perfume will envelop you with the best of both sensory worlds. Entwining notes of grapefruit, vetiver, cedar and bay leaf; the fragrance ends with a pleasant burst of fresh blackberry juice. Available in 50ml & 100ml sizes.


• 100% vegan friendly
• Rich in Vitamin E
• Moisturises and nourishes the skin, while reducing inflammation
• Alcohol free
• Suitable for both men and women
• Made with 100% pure, high-quality oils
• Minimalistic design
• Handmade in the UK by leading artisans

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About Helm London

Founded in 2018, Helm London is a minimalist, contemporary homeware brand with a difference. Everything they produce is vegan, eco-friendly and non toxic. ( more)