Product Design / Woodturning
Isle of Wight, United Kingdom


Philip Crewe is a designer-maker. He set up his practice in 2008 with help from a European Union start-up grant. Much of his work is dictated by his skill as a woodturner.

Nestled among sheer cliffs, chines and downs, just across the sea from here is espergaerde's workshop. It’s named after the haunting sprits that are said to look out along the cliffs of Brighstone bay. From there Philip Crewe makes, with one foot in vernacular folklore and half-a-step into contemporary culture; working somewhere between narrative and utility to create everyday objects whose significance is defined through the relationships people cultivate with them. These are storied objects – objects that are valued for how they are made and relevant in how they are used.

However, over the years espergaerde has come to encompass a disparate collection of projects that span craft, communication and industrial design. The eclecticism of espergaerde is something he is proud of; it has seen him reconciling a failed relationship through the aesthetic of a pepper mill and collaborating with people with a very different skillset, to repeatedly revisiting the folklore of the place he grew up – the Isle of Wight. By slowly peppering the world with storied objects, he explores that fascinating wiggly weirdness between people and things.


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