Chef's Edition Pegboard

Chef's Edition Pegboard

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Design by Kreisdesign.

The new Chef’s Edition pegboard comes with a range of new accessories specially designed for cooks. It includes a knife rack, utensil rack, condiments tray and pegs from the range to provide a complete kitchen store and display unit. 


The peg board is made from thick solid birch plywood and finished in a clear matt varnish


- 1 x knife holder (12 x 24cm)
- 1 x utensils rack (12 x 24cm)
- 1 x condiment holder (12 x 32cm) (3 x recesses)
- 1 x shelf (12 x 24cm)
- 6 x straight pegs (9cm)


42 x 114cm

*Please complete your order by selecting the colour and the orientation of the board in the drop down menu.

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About Kreisdesign

Swiss born designer Nikki Kreis is motivated by curiosity and a desire to create furniture, products and spaces that enhance people's lives because they work beautifully. ( more)