Industrial Pendant Shade

Industrial Pendant Shade


Design by Tim Walker Studio.

Lightweight Concrete Pendant Lampshade.

Each lampshade is individually cast using a lightweight cement based mortar that is reinforced with fibreglass matting to give it additional strength. They are sealed and lightly waxed to enhance the fine details of the concrete.

The inside of the lamp is finished with a thin layer of plaster creating a subtle, natural texture that is enhanced when the light is switched on. 


L28 x W28 x H21cm


approx. 1.3 KG

Bulb Type (Not supplied):

UK and EU: E27 LED
Maximum Wattage: 12W


• Lamp holder with cord grip (requires assembling and wiring.)
• 1 x metre of natural linen cable ( UK and EU only)
* Each lampshade is individually handmade so the colour may vary slightly to the photograph.

Care Instructions:

A ceiling rose isn't provided with this lampshade. For safety purposes, it is essential that some kind of strain relief, such as a cord grip, is used when wiring the flex to a ceiling rose. As with all electrical work please ensure you are competent in doing this before you start and have your work tested or seek advice from a professional if unsure.

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About Tim Walker Studio

Tim Walker Studio was established in 2016. It’s focus is on the exploration of material, use and application. The processes of mould making and casting are an integral part of the studio’s practice. ( more)