Mr Jackdoor Door Wedge

Mr Jackdoor Door Wedge


Design by espergaerde.

Engaging object and handy door wedge, this Mr Jackdoor has been produced in spalted beech.

The wood is sustainably-sourced from a tree surgeon and expert on the Isle of Wight who fells trees as part of conservation work on the south-west coast. The beech is spalted which means that the beech contains blackish irregular lines as a result of a fungal infection that has eaten away at the tree making it go rotten and brittle. This is why the trees were taken down, as if they were left, they would probably fall over in the next storm potentially damaging other healthy trees (or passers-by). 

Once felled, the wood was planked by hand. Certain areas of the timber were then selected for their suitability for wedging. Beech is good for this as it is close grained. The timber is cut and then sanded by hand.

Beeswax polish is then applied to preserve the wood and bring out the grain. The polish comes from Mary Case, who has been tending to her beehives for over 20 years and is one of the most respected beekeepers on the Isle of Wight.

The most wonderful thing about this beech is its spalting. Many woods can become spalted, but it is with beech that the effect is most striking. The contrasting colour is due to differing fungi causing pigmentation, spots and lines. The black lines are a sort of no-man’s-land – a dead zone between different strains of fungi. It might sound horrid, but the results can be stunning. All this means each Mr Jackdoor is truly unique! 

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About Espergaerde

Philip Crewe is a designer-maker. He set up his practice in 2008 with help from a European Union start-up grant. Much of his work is dictated by his skill as a woodturner. ( more)