Side plate in Milk

Side plate in Milk


Design by Barton Croft.

Refined and understated, their signature side plates are the answer to all your dining needs.

Perfect for busy lives, this is the tableware to make mealtimes into memories. If you take a close look, you’ll be able to spot the subtle nuances in the throwing rings differentiating each plate. Our shallow rim design is the perfect balance; high enough to stop sauces slopping as you move across the room, but low enough to tightly stack, saving more space in your cupboards for other things.

Their glazes are mixed by hand in their Hampshire studio, to their own secret recipes that we’ve developed through hundreds of tests. This glaze feels like leather, with a slight sheen to it. It’s a hard and durable glaze and will stand up to any amount of wear and tear; you can be sure there’ll be no cutlery marking on these plates! With a carefully controlled shine, these plates give subtle reflections allowing your food to take centre stage. The simple Milk white colour and the timeless and elegant design will suit any type of home décor.

The bases are unglazed, allowing the natural clay to show through. Each plate is individually sanded by hand in their studio before being washed and packaged to ensure that they’re perfectly smooth so you can be sure they won’t leave any marks on your furniture.

From meal time to midnight snacks, each handmade piece is designed around your lifestyle, not the other way around. You can keep plates warm in the oven, heat up your soup in the microwave, toss leftovers in the freezer. And best of all, handmade doesn’t mean you have to hand wash. They fit easily into your dishwasher slots; no need to leave a space between each one.



Care Instruction:

All Barton Croft’s ceramics are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. Like all ceramics, we recommend avoiding sudden large changes in temperature.

Processing time (if not in stock):

As each piece is handmade on the pottery wheel in small production, please allow 2-4 weeks before dispatch.

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About Barton Croft

Founded by Laurena Lawson, Barton Croft was born out of a love of honest, functional, well-designed objects and a passion for artisan quality goods.  Drawn to simple lines and finishes, and with a love for cooking, their collection of ceramic tableware is earthy and yet effortless. ( more)