Heather Large Merino Wool Scarf – Sea Green

Heather Large Merino Wool Scarf – Sea Green


Design by By Cecil.

All of the textiles are designed and sampled on a handloom in By Cecil’s North London home. The scarves are woven in Bristol by a micro mill as part of a limited edition run.

Cecil’s travels around the UK coastline inspired the Coastal Collection. From the shapes and colours of the beach huts at Whitstable to the textures of the pebbles found on St Ives beaches, the shapes and subtle layers of colour never fail to inspire her.

Material: 100% merino wool

Size: 50 x 180cm

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About By Cecil
From the moment Cecilia Child found a small, forgotten loom gathering dust in the corner of a studio while on Art Foundation at Camberwell College of Arts, she fell in love with weaving. (..read more)