Wax + Wick Workshop

Product Design
London, United Kingdom


W + W Workshop was created from the love of simple design and natural living. They want to contribute to the circular economy and raise awareness about the importance of reusing, reducing unnecessary waste and recycling when possible. Their founder, Nicole Hansen, wanted to disrupt the retail industry by becoming the first product on the shelves that was handmade from up-cycled materials. 

Sustainability is their core concept and is brought into every step from creating to disposing our products. They believe in taking the art of candle making back to basics with only two ingredients... oils and soy wax – meaning no palm oil, artificial or synthetic colours. Their candle jars are made from repurposed wine bottles... creating zero to minimal waste. 

All the products are hand made in their studio by their amazingly talented team. They source from British suppliers and all their products are all vegan friendly, plastic free and ethically sourced. They would like to thank all their local pubs of for supplying us with their bottles!


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